Pendulum for Piano and Orchestra (2010) Commissioned by SAMRO for the JPO and Malcolm Nay 

Oratorio for Human Rights for Orchestra, choir, soloists and African percussion (1996) (Commissioned for the Olympic Games, Atlanta, USA)

South African National Anthem (1995) (Current Version, Orchestral Setting and additional English words)

Ukuthula for soprano, mezzo-soprano and orchestra (1993)

Sefirot Symphony for woodwind, brass, percussion and harp (1991) (Commissioned by The Foundation for The Creative Arts)

At The End of the Rainbow (1988) (Symphonic poem commissioned by the South African Youth Orchestra) 

Tempus Fugit for orchestra (1986) (winner of the Total Oil Competition)

Fanfare Festival Overture (1985) (commissioned by the SABC for the Johannesburg Centenary Celebrations)

Construction Symphony for youth orchestra (1985)

Five Chassidic Melodies for youth orchestra (1981)

Concert Overture (1979)


Quin-tête-à-tête for String Quartet and Percussion: commissioned by the Composers National Collegium for the University of Pretoria Music Symposium, 12-16 August. Premiered by the Odeion Quartet and Gerben Grooten on the 12th August in the Musiaon. 

Alma Mater for piano trio (2017. To be premiered at the University of Pretoria. 

Epochs and Edifices for string quartet and percussion (2014). Premiered by The Epoch String Quartet and Magda de Vries.

Wits Trio Tribute for piano violin and cello (2013) - premiered by the Wits Piano Trio in August 2013 at the special Tribute Concert in honour of Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph's service to Wits Music prior to her retirement at the end of 2013.

Hebrotica for solo marimba - premiered at her Tribute Concert (2013) by Alex Jacobowitz.

Strange Quartet for String Quartet (2006) –premiered by the Sontonga String Quartet, October 2006

Lifecycle (2003) for the NGQOKO Women’s Choir, traditional instruments and an Ensemble of 11 Western instruments - a large-scale inter-cultural composition commissioned by the International Classical Music Festival (ICMF)

Suite Afrique for cello and piano (1993) (Commissioned by SAMRO);

Suite Afrique transcription for viola and piano (1995)

Masada for string quartet and bassoon (1989) (Commissioned by the University of Potchefstroom)

Margana for flute, violin, cello and percussion (1985) (Commissioned by the University of Pretoria)

Brass Quintet - And All That Jazz for two trumpets, french horn, trombone and tuba (1983) (Commissioned by the SABC)

Four Minim for cello and piano (1982) (Commissioned by the SABC, revised in 1992, first published in New York)

Three Chassidic Pieces for flute, violin and piano (1982)

The Fugue that Flew Away for flute and piano (1979)

Chamber Concertino for eleven instruments (1979)

Reaction for piano, cello and percussion (1973)

Canonetta for Four for trumpet, viola and vibraphone (1973)

Kaleidoscope for wind and percussion (1971)


DiA(fro)belli for Piano – based on the Diabelli Variations. Commissioned by Dr Lia Jensen-Abbott, NCTM Associate Professor, Music Department, Albion College 

Ebb and Flow - commissioned by SAMRO for the 2020 UNISA International Piano Competition

AfrEtude - commissioned by SAMRO for the 2020 UNISA International Piano Competition

Takes Two to Tango - for 2 pianos, commissioned by The SAMRO Foundation and premiered by Peter Cartwright and Sonja van Zyl at Pretoria University (2013)

Partials and Pedals– commissioned for the 11th UNISA International Piano Competition 2008

Ebony and Ivory- for harpsichord - commissioned by the SAMRO Endowment for the Arts (2001) premiered by Michael Blake October 2004

"5 6 7 8" - commissioned by UNISA for their graded examinations (2001)

The Juggler and the King– piano duo (1998) (Commissioned by SAMRO and premiered by Jill Richards and Wessel van Wyk)

South African National Anthem (1995) (Arranged for piano and solo voice) –official version.

Awaiting Game (1993)

Mosaic (1989)

Mixed Feelings for Sara (1988)

Virtuoso I (1987) Commissioned by UNISA for the 1988 International Piano Competition

Back to Basics for piano, prepared piano and narrator (1983)

Three Dimensions (1974) Commissioned by the SABC

Seven Variations on an Original Theme (1971)

Times They Are A-Changing – commissioned for UNISA for the Grade III Syllabus

Sonata No.1 (1969)


Five African Sketches for guitar (1991)

Hebrotica for Marimba.


Youth Oratorio (2009) for mixed choir and Ensemble of Seven (flute, oboe, trumpet cello, 2 percussionists, and Synthesiser)

Vocalise for soprano and flute (can be performed by 2 flutes).

Tribute to Ilan Ramon for tenor, piano, violin and saxophone (2003). 

He Walked to Freedom (1997). (Written for the occasion of President Mandela's Honorary Doctorate.) 

Hell Well Heaven for soprano and piano (1992) (poem by Wally Serote)

Peace for mixed choir and guitar (1991) (Transcribed and edited as Peace-Ukuthua for soprano, mezzo-soprano and orchestra, piano version also available

It's a Woman's World for choir and piano (1984)

Boy on a Swing for female choir, piano, percussion (1983) (poem by Oswald Mtshali) Transcribed for soprano and piano, 1992

Song Cycle (1976) (for the Totius Centenary)

Swaziland National Anthem for choir and piano (1974)

Five Pieces for Woodwind Quartet and Soprano (1971)

Dialogue of Self and Soul for eight soloists and speech chorus (1971) (text by William Butler Yeats)

Setting Afrikaans Poems to Music for soprano and piano (1968) (Poems by W.E.G. Louw)          


Music composed for Natasha Christopher’s art video Exhibition, River (2004)


Voices of Africa -2-hour multi-media stage production for 8-piece Ensemble, male soloists and male Choir. Premiered in March 2007

Celebration I, Celebration II and Celebration III  - a 2-hour multi-media stage extravaganza for tenor and baritone soloists, male chorus, 10-piece ensemble and audio visual. 

A Rage in a Cage (1983). Rock opera for soloists, choir and chamber group (premiered by National Youth Theatre)


Ukukhala - 20-minute modern ballet choreographed by Christopher Kindo.

Abantubomlambo - The River People  - based on the African mythology of the Ancestors and the mermaid-sangomas 


An African Dream (1988) – full length feature film


Over 70 songs based on Hebrew Liturgical and secular Texts

Several light music songs, including a tribute to Nelson Mandela, He Walked to Freedom